Membership Subscription Rates

Membership Subscription rates are from 01 April to 31 March the following year. Pro-rata discounts are not available. 

Full Membership



For individuals or companies or other entities who carry on the business in New Zealand of importation, distribution, sale, rental, lease, hire, and/or repair and maintenance of forklift trucks to customers for commercial gain or reward.

$650.00 + GST



Full Member Branch
(per additional branch)



An additional branch is any outlet over and above a Full member’s primary place of business. All additional outlets must be listed as members. Contact the NZFIA office for assistance if you have more than 10 branches.

$100.00 + GST



Associate/Supplier Member


For individuals or companies Supplier of parts and services to full members and users. Includes Trainers and Training companies, associated companies/groups such as H&S providers.

$450.00 + GST


User Member

Companies and individuals who operate forklifts. No minimum number, designed to provide a voice for users and allow access to industry insights and latest information.

$350.00 + GST



Upon receipt of the Membership fee, you are registered as a Member of the NZFIA.  Membership fees are payable in advance annually (financial year, 01 April to 31 March).

Membership will be extended automatically for successive 12-month terms, unless written notice of intent to resign from the NZFIA is received at least 30 days prior to the end of the financial year.

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