Why Join NZFIA

The New Zealand Forklift Association Inc. (NZFIA) promotes safest practices for the use and maintenance of forklifts in New Zealand.

We advocate on behalf of our members for consistently high standards towards design, supply, operator training, and in areas of maintenance.

Benefits of being an EWPA member include:

  • First port of call for all things forklift
  • Promoting safety in design and maintenance
  • Promoting safe operation of Forklifts
  • We speak on your behalf: Advocacy, lobbying, one strong voice
  • Industry updates, support and advice
  • Access to industry standards and Best Practice material
  • Global affiliations with international organisations
  • Forklift specific stationary webstore discounts
  • Industry networking opportunities
  • Silvercard Forklift Operator Training Program
  • Skills and career pathways in material handling
  • Training courses and events


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