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Following the announcement of the 3rd AGM date for 2021. The NZFIA opens the nominations for two new board members to the NZFIA board.

This year sees Michael Biddick of Forklift Solutions Ltd in Auckland and Johnny Orr of Forklift Hire Services Ltd in Blenheim standing down after being on the board since the inception of the NZFIA. On behalf of the association, I think you both for your contribution and support to the industry. Your dedication and experience has provided a great base for future boards to build on.

Being a board member of the association allows you to put a bit more into the industry you work and breath. The role is a governance position, helping set the direction for the association each year.

There are 6 board meeting per annum, held physically and virtually. Typical meeting time is approx. 3hrs + travel (if required). With duties and action items outside meeting times taking approx. 6hrs between meetings.

You can learn from the experience also, gaining knowledge and experience at governance roles.

Your ability to have a say and be a voice for others on the direction of the association and the industry is very rewarding.

Download there form HERE to start the nomination process.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to get more information on the role and duties required.

Rodney Grant, CEO, , 021997 184