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WorkSafe Worksite Traffic Management Good Practice Guideline

Worksafe Guidance on Seatbelts for Businesses

WorkSafe Guidance – Seatbelts, guidance for Operators


The NZFIA is dedicated to supporting the ongoing development of Forklift Operator Training within New Zealand , ensuring that operators are competent to carry out work safely. Health in the workplace is a primary focus and it is therefore crucial that employers have access to the highest level of training possible.

1995 Approved Code of Practice – Forklift Training


The NZFIA believes NZQA Unit Standards are an excellent measure of comprehension for forklift operation, application and maintenance. Currently you it is not mandatory to hold NZQA unit standards in forklift operation*, but it is a step you may wish to take to advance training and provide nation wide recognised competency measurement.

Individuals trained to NZQA unit standards maybe able to use their credits from Forklift units towards an larger, overarching qualification.

*NZQA unit Standard 18496 – Demostrate knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a road for endorsement “F” is a mandatory requirement to acheive F endorsement on a drivers license.

NZQA 10851 – Operate a powered industrial lift truck fitted with forks (forklift)

NZQA 10852 РOperate a powered industrial lift truck  fitted with attachments on a worksite.

NZQA 18409 – Use a forklift mounted safety platform in the workplace

NZQA18496 – Demonstrate knowledge and skills for driving a forklift on a road for Endorsement F

NZQA 15471 – Demostrate knowledge of materials handling machine types, their application, operation, and safety precautions

Members can obtain copy of the Fair Wear directly from Association.